First day, April 6, 2019, Another trip to our Hope Family in Madrid. As I am waiting for my flight to Madrid, it came into my mind some of our memories with Pastora Maricel and sister Hazel when we were together in Haugesund.

It is indeed God is so faithful to His promises to multiply us because as time flies, they grew and also leading church in Madrid Spain which is the purpose of my mission trip today.

And during the night. While they were waiting for me, they are filled with joy in practicing for the Sunday Service.

In a small room, gladly having fellowship together with so much food and laughters.

I question myself, are they all tired? It just came into my thought because they were working so hard from Monday to Friday, and some of them are still working on Saturday. They walked in a long distance for a worship practice and to meet. Wow, what a wonderful heart, very committed to serve the Lord. Not only that, it amazed me that they were also expecting me to teach and minister to them in that late night (pass 11pm).

2nd day, April 7, 2019: A very good morning and very good time to pray for the mighty works of God to fulfill His plan in Madrid through us.

Brethren on the move: Every week, without cars, rain or shine, hard or easy, their love to Jesus motivates them to serve God.

Very young brother and sisters serving God and serving each other.

ESPERANZA means HOPE: Beautiful to remind us always of our Hope in Jesus Christ.

Worship Service: the place is so small for them. But this is a very good problem that God can solve. Please join us in praying with them to have their new place for worship service.

As I was preaching to them about surrendering themselves to God. Many surrendered to God and recommit themselves to the Lord. It is an amazing experience when you see many raised their hands giving their lives to the Lord. Praise the Lord.

In our fellowship time, as Filipinos, selfie is everywhere so I took opportunity to take groupie with them as well. And more importantly, to catch up with them.

As I am catching up with them, I heard stories of brethren rising up to serve God. Hearing them that they are committed to serve God and help Pastora. Maricel to build Hope Church in Madrid

To God be the glory!!!